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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 26, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. two dogs saved a family from a fire. and the city of napa is
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working hard all around the city. we will tell you about the inspection work and what is being done to get federal aid in here. why they say the time-being of the quake was actually a blessing. and a new twist in the case of the state senator leland yee, it would mean trouble, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is morning news. good morning, we are following breaking news near san francisco college and crews are on the scene which forced more than 20 people out of their homes and we will have more on how two dogs played a big part in getting those people out safely and we will be back out there in just a
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moment, it is tuesday august 26th, i am pam clark. >> or too cold, you know me. >> that is the gold did i locks for you, not too hot or not too cold, i will do what i can for you pamela. >> thank you. and we'll see the fog burn off, it is running cooler, the low that is responsible for the cool down is showing pretty good rain and it is moving fast out of the picture and behind that we will get more of a breeze and these are the coolest lows i have seen in a long time. fairfield 59, 50s for napa, santa rosa, even san jose is showing and fairfield 22 and that's assure sign they are holding steady and it's more of
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a westerly breeze, the system is rotating out out towards tahoe or 3-year-old carlos nevada. slightly closer coast and bay, here is sal. we have it to start off with, 16 minute drive between the carquinez and the mcarthur maze, not bad you can see traffic continues to look good all the way to the bay bridge toll plaza from this point into the city it should take you a few minutes and they are detoured because of a building that seems unsafe so they are not taking any chances you have seen changes today. givenning with breaking news, 2 people now homeless
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after an early morning fire in san francisco, it started at 12:30 this is not far from san francisco. now to tell us how two dogs helped to save a family, tara? >> yes, there are 7 families which have been displaced and one lives across the street to the gas station and believes this fire in started. it woke up paul and his wife in the first floor apartment and they immediately woke the family that lives upstairs and got out. people who live above a bar had to it be evacuated. firefighters said they had some extra challenges as they began tackling. >> they have more on the gas station into the apartment house on san jose avenue.
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they dropped down to the street and they were still alive and so we had to get through. everybody got out safely and possibly contaminated sewerage water and they are trying to get a handle on the situation so it should not had more of an impact, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. and they will continue to discuss the damage from the powerful earthquake that rocked the heart of wine country. back in napa downtown one of the many rag tagged buildings there, here is alex. >> reporter: they are continuing come across buildings which are unstable and unsafe for people to be
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inside and those places are shut down and that includes businesses and homes and where they live on foster, the place just crumbled and so far 70 buildings like this one have been red tagged around the city and the expectation is that number could continue to grow. one is st. john the baptist church and last night we watched as parishioners played outside -- prayed outside the church. there are more than 200 buildings which have been yellow tagged. things like fallen charge chimp knees, there is no overall direction to bring in federal
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aid. >> we want to get fema set up and small business loans and all those things people will need to get started. we and there is still an issue with water surface. the quake originally caused about 90 water leaks and more than half need to be repaired and there are still quite a few people who have no running water at this time. the main goal is to try and secure many of the buildings so it is safe for people to walk by and more streets can be opened in this area. mayor ed lee will be visiting and he wants to see if more lessons can be learned and mayor ed lee is expected to arrive later this morning. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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the napa teen is expected to make a full recovery. nicholas dylan fractured his -- was fractured and his injuries could have been much worse had he not been able to scramble away from the crumbling chimney. >> not completely but he endured a 10 hour operation to repair his crushed pelvis and fortunately the teen's spine was not injured. and when a big quake hits, chimneys are one of the most vulnerable parts. especially in napa's old town and causing a lot of damages.
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she said she would never live anywhere else. iowas hugging strangers and now we are baking cookies for each other. we are unbelievably grateful. rooms some are still cleaning up the damage following the quake. you can see the huge mess at the winery and they estimate their losses at $100,000 however there is a silverling for this and many others. >> two or three weeks before harvest, a lot of the tanks were empty. >> wine makers will be cleaning up and 80% of businesses were
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not affected by the quake. you can go to our channel 2 website where you can see some of the most full pump damages. they led to the arrest of 20 people and the few find seized a bull bullet proof vest had almost aalleged ties to another figure in the case, raymond shrimp boy chow. he is facing a long list of charges including money laundering and racketeering. between january and june, homicides fell and testimony jumped and robberies are about
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7 and they had a more than 12% drop in vehicle thefts. >> they are continuing a vehicle tour with an address to state lawmakers in sacramento. enrico spoke of the need. and they invited the and california is the world's largest trading partner. and they are helping with the cleanup after that quake in napa. coming up, the people who were key to reopen one napa school today while other schools remained closed and the an explanation for the phenomena known as earthquake lights.
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as you drive through the up until we will bring you this commute and also take a look at the bridge. >> yesterday's weather was good if you like cooler weather, things will turn, i will show you how much coming up.
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. welcome back, this is
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surveillance video of an earthquake hitting peru and every now and then you can see flashes lighting up the sky there. they said this is called earthquake lights and he said it happens when rocks are charged. people reported seeing the same kind of flashes after the earthquake sunday. and it is located right near browns valley school. people are being told to use the other bridge on the other side of the school and officials are not saying when that tall grass will reopen. and they announced two million dollars from the u.s. dent of transportation. the earthquake caused wide bridges and the estimated
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repair cost will be high. and the state department veterans affairs has approved the for profit college. they operate healed in many schools. they will no longer pay veterans to go to those schools. they are being investigated for falsifying job placement data. they have agreed to sell or close down most of its schools. students and faculty of san francisco, they are asking them not to cancel anymore classes. they have already canceled too many because it had fewer students in them but students and teachers say it creates a destabilizing affect. and enrollment has dropped and
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they are facing possibly using its accreditation. they are investigating sexual assaults on college campuses. college campuses. they will determine whether affirmative consent was determined. they were not considered consent mile they were drugger but they are regulating activity and they are on their way for a final vote. four male students at the state university have come up with a fashionable way to protect women. men have developed a nail polish that changes color when the person wearing it is exposed to date rape drugs. if the drink is tainted the
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nail color will change. >> that is brilliant. i hope they get the funding to get that going. >> let's check in with sal, you are keeping an eye on our toll plaza? >> why. that changes the earliest and we are looking at it with a live picture and no major problems on the bridge itself taking about 8 minutes there and also looking at the commute and it looks good down to kings street. sonoma boulevard is shut down for a stretch there the a de-- detour, but these are far below average for many inland areas.
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you should be in the 80s. yesterday was all 70s and we will bump you up to 79, today 82 and we are still getting closer to it. san rafael two cool degrees and far santa rosa will only be 79. still some low clouds around and the coverage is moving rapidly pushing cloud cover out of southern california heading towards arizona. more 50s here. concord 58, walnut creekful 8. 50s to the north and in fact there is a bunch out there and that tells you you and it is 569 and more 50s that i have
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seen in awhile. not bad, still there yesterday. still a component of a southerly breeze and the water temperatures are very warm. 6 miles, and it has nothing to do with ellerby mean yes, parts of the coast are unloading and the winds are 105-mile-per-hour heading into the storm that drove us over the weekend. it is now heading offshore and it looks like it will stay away.
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kevin youkilis was cool and bismarck, the system coming in is going to cool them down a little bit and coming out, all leads go to omaha and that looks to be the main area of travel plants, plans, things almost show a northerly breeze coming in behind this low. these are slightly above, especially with san francisco and san jose, those are still running two to three degrees above where they should be this time of year and they will continue thursday into friday and the system will sweep the and they announced they are work being on a whopper of a deal. they are buying the cap
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canadian coffee team and they will create the third largest restaurant team in the world and they are they may move to take slamming of the country's lower tax rate. and it what triple since it has started. and a 10 second warning that an earthquake is coming. >> earthquake, earthquake. >> what bart is saying about how the shake alert worked and what can be done to expand the program. but which shows took home the most emmy awards and the touching tribute to robin williams. ♪
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two amazing ways to score. . late last night, they revealed for the first time players were slipping on it during practice. it happened during the preseason game for the chargers and now they want to make a long-term fix which may include a different kind of grass. and at levi stadium, it as soccer match and the 49ers home
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opener is september 14th. and breaking bad 11 months ago, it was the big winner at last night's primetime emmy awards. >> the emmy goes to breaking bad. >> the show won 6 emmys including best drama, the future turned king drug pin he won best supporting actor and best supporting actress and best drama directing. modern family won best x comedy for the 5th straight year and best actress in a comedy and best actress in a comedy and supporting actress. now the emmys took a somber turn when they paid tribute to the long-term friend robin
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williams. >> it's very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present in all of our lives. for almost 40 years he was the brightest star in a comedy galaxy. robin williams of course is dead at two weeks ago and notable figures who passed away, casey casensen, and and little joe. >> the quake has prompted many to get prepared, we will tell you what stores are running low and what you need for an emergency kit. and this morning's commute is pretty good, looking good
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heading south, we will tell you more about the bay area weather. and temperatures are far below, temperatures will bump up a bit we will show you how much coming up.
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. look at this damage, we are live in flap a, look -- napa, look at the damage to this
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house. this is now red tagged after sunday's quake. he is keeping an eye on the effort to get the city back to normal, he will tell you about the progress made, so farrell be here in about two minutes. this is august 26th, i am pam clark. >> 530 is the time, this is getting cooler. >> more so tomorrow and today will be that transition day and the low is dropped down and it's now taking the turn and starting to accelerate to eastern central nevada and it is clearing california and it is set up very cool and there are rather cool lows and there are still some 60s but more 50s and some are right at 50, calistoga 54 at lakeport, and the breeze is okay.
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if you are headed to burning man you will be okay. and a little warmer as well, temperatures are running below average, or slightly above, here is sal. we are looking at a commute where things are doing well on this tuesday morning, as we start looking at the bay bridge, traffic is getting busier, this is when the metering lights go on at the toll plaza, the drive time is less than 10 minutes driving to the san francisco side of the bridge. we have a look at interstate 880 in oakland and traffic here looks okay. we have a closer on sonoma boulevard right there in the downtown area because of some earthquake damage to the buildings and there is a detour set up and as you move down, traffic does look pretty good and so does traffic on highway
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24 to oakland. 5:32 let's go back to the desk. and san francisco, looking for a new place to live after an early morning fire, it started not far from city college of san francisco. they believe that fire started at an auto repair shop at the corner of ocean and san jose and spread to nearby buildings. it is not clear how the fire started but everybody did get out safely. getting up at 6:00 out there on the scene this morning, she will tell us how two dogs played a key role in getting everybody out safely. and a massive clean up effort underway after the quake, inspectors are assessing the buildings for damage. joining us live you are in downtown napa where a lot of
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buildings are red tagged, alex? >> they are still working to get a handle on how extensive the damage was inspections are still underway and city inspectors are getting across this home you see here, they need to be red tagged for obvious reasons. that number could continue to grow. one building is far too dangerous and the baptist church, that is why they held a prayer service outside. on top of that, there are more than 200 buildings which have been yellow tagged. they will still require quite a bit of repair work. >> those porches may have separated from the structure but you still have access to it. they could be chimneys that
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have fallen and they could be occupied. >> because inspections are there, there is no overall damage and they say that figure is important and it will help to bring in federal aid once it's determined. power has been determined and there still is an issue with water service. the quake was 90 water leaks and a half have more and quite a few there is no running water. mayor ed lee is planning oncoming here to take a tour and he is working to figure out what if any his city learned and mayor ed lee is expected to arrive here in napa at 8:30. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they caused major damage in vallejo, just south, 11
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buildings still red tagged including a church. this will consider a state of emergency for vallejo and for other areas hit hard by that quake. public schools in napa, second day in a row and inspectors are still checking the safety following sunday's quake. he followed two-thirds of the district's schools and a lot of broken lights and some damage to equipment, so far no structural damage and classes may resume tomorrow and they do have a lot of cleanup work to do and that decision is expected to be announced at 1:00. the only one which is there is the private catholic school. yesterday students and teachers showed up to help clean up all the earthquake damage. these are some of the pictures they took and there is some of the pictures of the damage. the earthquake toppled a
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fountain and shattered some windows and made a mess but no major damage there. two boys & girls clubs because of the school closures and the american canyon clubhouse on the way will be opened at 7:30 and they will stay open until 6:00 tonight and kids between the age of 6 and 18 are all welcome and you can see they are having a lot of fun and there will be no fee and no memberships is required. the city of napa is advising people, those who lost water service, boil your tap water before you use it for drinking or cooking. the quake ruptured 90 water pipes and 10 crews are out there working on water line repairs and so far only 8 have been fixed at this point. now the city set up two water stationings to provide drinking water to people who need it and those are at the loss flores in north napa and the parking lot
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on the north side of west of main if you need water bring your own containsers. they are encourage being people to use the napa earthquake as a wakeup call no matter where you are. some are using it to prepare for the next emergency and they are tell us how thats leaving some stores in short supply. >> reporter: pam, down here in the south bay, it seems as if some people felt the quake and the other half did not. it is prompting some people like in orchard supply to go buy supplies for an emergency kid. at the hardware store, there are popular items being bought, water filters and furniture traps. the cotton sporting good stores are also busy and employees have been restocking with similar items. the american red cross said they have been getting dozens
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of phone calls and e-mails and people are asking what sort of items they should have on hand incase a big quake strikes. >> they are looking to where you will generally be and being prepared for that and having the proper supplies and plans for what you can do in that situation. the red cross is advising those with first aid supplies, food, water and one item people often forget is toilet tries and enough to last for three days and be prepared incase a quake were to hit in a car work or home. notify loved ones you are safe and coming up with a meeting place incase you are separated during a disaster. reporting live, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have some breaking news,
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many are calling to report after shocks. they reported 3.9 which hit about 333 northwest of american canyon and a couple of minutes later 2. 7 and so pretty good sized shake there you can go to our website and you can see some of the most powerful pictures of the quake and the damage that is from the quake. >> all right, pam, time now 5:40 the wrapper known as young g z, he has been arrested after a concert. 33-year-old eric johnson was shot friday night at the concert. his real name is jay jenkins. he and five others were arrested at another concert at the verizon theater in irving. they have gotten assault rifles
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and nobody has been charged with his killing. they are requiring a ten- day waiting period for gun buyers. it was a violation of the second amendment and does not apply to people who already own firearms. they are buying their first firearm and they will still be subject to background waiting periods. two gun owners and two gun owners rights groups sued over that waiting period. they are making stealing smart phones less attractive. they signed a killswitch into law and they were made after july 1st and they must have antitheft protection installed. now specifically, they have to have built in tools which let them remotely disabled their phones. they crushed cars, they damaged homes, coming up, the most vulnerable part of some houses were blamed for a lot of
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the damage in that earthquake. people are in recovering mode, and up next, we will have the latest on the significant after shock which just hit the same area. we are looking at a road system which is off to a decent start, highway 101 coming into downtown, we will tell you more getting across the bay on bay area bridges. speaking of after shocks, 2. 9 and 2. 7, 5:35 yes you felt it. , a warmer day today we will show you how much coming up.
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. mourners included dr. martin luther king, jr. and the parents of trayvon martin. they compared his fate which showed african-americans were only three fifths of american citizens. >> we will wantee qual justice. >> and here in the bay area, prosecutors still have not decided if they will file charges against a police officer for michael brown. there is no proof that delays in care caused deaths at a v.a.
5:46 am
hospital in convenient knicks -- phoenix arizona. and months-long investigation into that, you may remember last spring there were accusations suggesting as many as 40 americans while waiting they exposed a troubled healthcare system the vas said in that report, it could not conclusively assert delays in care led to the deaths of veterans. and back to the u.s. ds they are reporting after shocks which happened in the last 15 minutes. it hit about 533 close to american canyon and then a couple of minutes later a 2. 7
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after shock. there are sensors already in place and they are already improving other sensors. >> it is likely it is a significant after shock, the u.s. gs has downgraded to a 16% chance. >> let's check in with sal, let's get you out the door and moving. it looks pretty good >> other than the twitter feed being taken up by the earthquake, people are feeling it up in panola and other areas. the roads look good and there is nothing i can say now about
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the bay bridge which is not ordinary. there is a backup of about a 15 to 20 minutes drive time. there are no problems on the bridge and on 80 it looks good. also the morning commute is looking good on the dumbarton bridges, both those spans, you are looking at it and it looked good over to the peninsular to 92 and 94 respectively. this is a look at the livermore valley and it's slow from 205. it is already sluggish on the way into dublin, 5:48 let's go to steve. wewe have a couple of after shocks, 2:37 and we have 3.9 and that's the one where everybody started tweeting fast. also 2. 9 which is the last three i could find or higher.
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and this is the day they dropped off, far below average, coming up, only 74, should be closer to 82 and 79. concord 76 and should be 86 this time of year and today 82. today we will be 79 and probably about 80 closer to stanford. the fog is there and the system that came by yesterday is rotating and it looks like it bottomed out, it will take off towards the four corners and pushing all the cloud cover out and it will get chewed up soon. there is more 50s i have seen in a long time and we have been running and there is a lot more 50s today. the breeze is okay 22 at travis 39. west northwest at napa and nevada and a little bit of a westerly breeze, 53 at some of the higher elevations and 53
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and fremont not in town but 56 even sunnyvale and that's not something we have seen for a while. a lot of this has been settled but not today. 55 ukiah, a little chill there and it gave some wild weather yesterday and nevada is now moving out rapidly. fog burns off and also warmer temperatures and even though they are back in the 80s, they are slightly below average and slightly above. water temperatures are very warm, 64 to 65 degrees and high pressure comes in which moves out of nevada and comes out thursday friday and starts to ease up into noter by the weekend. and it jumped more than 22% because of an increase in traffic with boeing.
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they demanded it up 10-point 5% and tesla said they will implement in a full page ad at the weekly newspaper, they placed suggestions on how to improve the sedan. they are answering cell phone calls and increasing the size of the sun-visorrer. the ad was paid for by a new york couple who are highly satisfied tesla owners. and a battery problem for apple. and how to know if yours is affected. first you have seen the ice bucket challenge, people in gaza have put a different spin on this. what they are doing to call attention to this. what? you expect me to stay up there all day?
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[ car alarm chirps ] just like you, i love everything the golden state of california has to offer. so i stay golden by managing my energy use.
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energy upgrade california taught me how. learn to manage your energy at jew is . welcome back, it is 5:54 more shaking in the napa american canyon area, several viewers are calling in to report feeling after shocks and they recorded a 3.9 magnitude which is a big after shock and it hit the american canyon and a couple of minutes later a 2. 7 after shock. the shaking people are saying actually woke them up and we
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will have more on the latest development on this earthquake. also an earthquake hit iceland. it is raising concerns and it is the biggest since tremors began ten days ago and they believe it is a result of something causing it and it's shutting down air space for six days. they started flights over syria and this may pave the way for isis militants. and the white house has not approved them yet. theythey have been approving them and it is believed that the purpose is to gather information on the movements of isis within syria. the u.s. began launching it
5:56 am
inside targeting iraq earlier this month. now here is video of an israeli strike on a 15 story apartment building in gaza. the airstrike leveled that and they are getting a warning in advance that, that airstrike was coming. they are continuing a barrage of rockets. one hit southern israel today. the latest round of fighting comes after a cease-fire and mediators are still trying to get the two sides back to the negotiating table. americans are dumping ice water over their heads. take a look at what they are calling the rubble buckets challenge. this man had sand and rubble dumped over his head.
5:57 am
it is part of a campaign to do a rubble bucket exam toning show support for the people of gaza. almost 2 dozen people homeless after an early morning fire in san francisco. coming up two dogs are heros near city college. and from the wine country a- 3.9 after shock hit just moments ago and we will have the latest after sunday's big quake. good morning, right now traffic is still doing pretty well but there are some closures up there in the earthquake area but as we look at highway 80, the bridge looks good getting into san francisco. back to back after shocks, as we just mentioned 536 and the big one is 3.9 and also this morning, we will have your forecast and a warmer tuesday coming up of the
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. we are live again in napa a significant after shock hit the american canyon area, several people are calling into


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